Welcome to "Rose of York"  

International Yorkshire breeder


We look forward to serious inquiries from abroad!


Please note that the export or import of an animal - inside and outside the EU – is subject to certain rules.


As a first orientation, we have prepared some important information:


It is important for us that you contact us by email - unless you speak German.


As the puppies have to stay longer with us as prescribed in Germany, it is absolutely important to make a binding reservation on the dog with a deposit of 50% of the purchase price.


In addition to the general requirements in Germany, like:

-European pet passport 


-Vaccination against rabies




it must be noted in addition that:

A)   export within the EU, 

1) The dog / puppy must be at least16 weeks old.

2)  Primary immunization / vaccination against rabies must be completed – and must be made 30days (depending on country) prior to departure.


B)   export outside the EU - it must be clarified by the buyer, if further documentation is required, like:

- Medical report (For an extra charge: The breeder causes an expert report in German language)

-Translations (responsibility of the buyer)


Please check with your authorities in advance.


Pickup :

Pick up is at the breeder´s place in Bad Orb. Please bring a corresponding Pet carrier (dimension l/w/h: x cm x y cmx z cm).

Upon request, a handover at Frankfurt International Airport can take place.


Departure :

For airtravel you need a special Pet Carrier (Important: the required dimensions must be obtained from the relevant airline).

You must register in advance for the dog with the airline or book its transportation (because only a limited number of pets are allowed per flight). The buyer pays the costs for the flight, flight reservation, transportation etc..


More information:

With the purchase agreement, you will receive feed and care instructions. Please arrange in advance to appropriate animal feed and starter kit (leash, collar, food and water bowl, comb,brush, pet baskets, etc.)


At first glance, it's a little effort - but your “new best friend” surely will give you unconditional love and lots of joy.


All information is provided without warranty. 


If you withdraw from the contract, we charge a handling fee of € 100 per dog / week.